Publishing Services

Askance Publishing takes on stand-alone proof-reading and editing assignments. We have worked on novels, short stories, journalistic articles, PHD and other academic papers and texts.

Askance also offers a publishing service for writers and artists that are unlikely or don’t want to print big numbers of their published book, but that Askance believe are making a valuable contribution to published literature, thought, or image. This also applies to arts organisations requiring a catalogue or similar projects. This service includes:

  • Free developmental advice (first draft only)
  • Free link to book and authors page on Askance website
  • Free verbal and written guidance on marketing if needed
  • Free verbal and written guidance on funding options (where appropriate)
  • Cover design support
  • Logistical support for a launch
  • Distribution of 5 review copies
  • Press Release
  • ISBN service
  • Interior layout support
  • Proof reading

Short print-run authors may provide their own proof reading, cover design, and other services, however Askance reserves the right to reject publications that are substandard.

Please contact us to discuss your project or for a quote

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