“Homes” Launch

A huge thank you to everyone who made yesterday possible!  We had a fantastic launch and exhibition for “Homes” our new short story anthology.  The writers, the artists, the sponsors, the judges, the local media, the companions, the cake bakers, my family, friends and our charity of the year Emmaus. This morning I posted all pre-orders and all author gratis copies….and at the last count we only have 2 copies left.  Don’t worry I will be ordering more – but this is fantastic news – and may mean we can run the whole thing again next year (we will see).  I will be writing to you all separately in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get this thank you up as soon as possible.  In a break from tradition, I have moved away from our usual monochrome ethos and posted some colour snap below, as befits the occasion!

Do you have any thoughts?

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