Exciting Times

These are exciting times! Hot on the heels of the results of our Winter Short Story competition, we’re pleased to announce the first of three planned publications for 2019.

We think you are going to love Casa Rosa, a new novel from DJ Wiseman. It’s set on the Pacific coast of  central America, and is driven by rumours of crime and questions of parentage, themes familiar to readers of the author’s previous novels.

See more details here and take advantage of special pricing for orders placed prior to publication on 27th March.


2 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. Dear Askance,

    Are copies of Homes – the 2014 short story collection still available?


    Tim Futter

    Sent from Windows Mail

    1. Hello Timothy, yes Homes is available. For a single copy click the link on the ‘Homes’ page to go through the usual ordering process, for multiple copies please contact us via email askance.publishing at gmail.com so that we can get the best price for you. Great to hear from you again!

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