Most Read 2020

Each year about this time we look back to see, just for fun, which of the stories featured on our web pages has received the most hits. Hits mean visitors, not necessarily readers. A page may be viewed for a second or ten minutes, but we like to think that many visitors have stayed long enough to enjoy the story they’ve found.

This year our two winners from the last two winter story competitions are predictably top of the list: less predictably it is Saltwater – the winner from 2019 – which has been most viewed. As we’ve said before, an author’s social media ‘reach’ also plays its part in the numbers. Here’s our top 5 for 2020:

  1. SaltwaterRachael Cudlitz
  2. TaliaChristi Nogle
  3. The Attraction of MagnetsGrace Keating
  4. Petite MarieTara Campbell
  5. Blueprint For The End Of The WorldLaura Duerr

With our current competition open until 31st January we’re looking forward to seeing what’s going to prove the most popular in 2021.


Do you have any thoughts?

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