Still Reading

A little overdue perhaps, but here is our annual look at which of our many stories attracted most readers on our website for 2022. Perhaps not surprisingly the most read story was the winner of the 2020/21 competition, but four stories from previous years round out the top five. It all goes to show, as if we needed reminding, that a good story is a good story whether it was written yesterday or a decade ago.

Despite not having the attraction of a short story competition in 2022, we were delighted to see that many of the stories from previous years continue to be read by our visitors.

Here’s the top five:

 1 Magic And The Art Of Thrift Store Shopping With Ma by Nick Trapani.

2 Another Van Gogh by Justice McPherson*

3. The Essay by Hugh Kellett*

4 Talia by Christi Nogle*

5 Blueprint For The End Of The World – Laura Duerr*

*Please note that the complete versions of these stories are available in the Askance short story collection Saltwater and Other Stories (available in print from Amazon)


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