Text & Context Feedback

Askance has been asked to evaluate the response to Text & Context a Cambridge group exhibition, which sees 25 artists working together, exhibiting across the city of Cambridge in a variety of unusual locations.

For those who visited the Text & Context show in October 2012, please could you help the organisers by answering the four questions below:


1) Of the 25 artists exhibiting, which did you visit?

2) What did you enjoy most about the exhibition?

3) How did you hear about Text & Context?

4) Do you have any other useful comments, feedback or suggestions that might help the organisers next time?

Please use the “do you have any thoughts” box below or email directly to askance dot publishing  at gmail   dot  com using “Text&Context Feedback” in the subject line.  Please include your email address if you wish to be included in future mailings.



2 thoughts on “Text & Context Feedback

  1. 1) Several down Mill Road, One on the railings by Silver Street, Words across the quaker meeting house doors and Robert Good’s Yes.
    2) That there were surprises. It was camouflaged and made you double take. It was outdoors.
    3)Artist’s Newsletter
    4) Keep on doing stuff like this.

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