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haider book back cropped white background BWDr Haider Al-Safi is a London-based Iraqi journalist and media consultant covering middle eastern politics. He started working as a journalist in 2003 during the American invasion of Iraq and ran the office for The Independent newspaper in Baghdad.  Together with his colleagues he covered stories from all over Iraq exposing him to the dangers of war – he was caught in cross-fire, kidnapped and witnessed suicide attacks. Read more...

najwa photo 2 croppedDr Najat AlSaied has more than 16 years’ experience working with development organisations and the media in both the Arab world and the USA. She was awarded a doctorate by the University of Westminster, London, in 2013, for her thesis “Development Initiatives in Programming on Privately-Owned Arab Satellite Television and their Reception among Disadvantaged Saudi Women” and she currently teaches at the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Sheik Zayed University. Read more…

phil arnold

Phil Arnold is a teacher, musician, composer, playwright and fiction writer living in Sydney, Australia.  Though he spends most of his professional time directing community and school band programmes, he is also a freelance writer/editor, having published articles in professional magazines, and has written several musical plays, all of which have been performed several times. more

alex ayling picture

Alex Ayling is a college student with ambitions to study film at university and become a film director and/or screenwriter. He writes almost purely fiction. Alex was born in Hammersmith in London and raised in Wimbledon and conformed to the conventional stereotype and played tennis at the Wimbledon grounds until the age of eight. Alex is of Portuguese and English descent. more

Peter Bendall Author photo

Peter Bendall works as an English teacher in Cambridge and has taught in Italy, Spain, France, Montenegro and Russia. He has published a book on English grammar and a book of photographs (Cambridge Reflections). He has been writing novels, short stories and poetry for many years. He has just finished writing an epic poem of 1000 verses and more 

MV blakeM.V. Blake ccurrently resides in Essex, soaking up the ambience of an outer London town with inner city problems.  He is currently working as a teacher but suspects this is why he’s a misanthropic nerd.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Archaeology because digging holes in other peoples gardens appeals to his sense of humour.   He is much more lazy than he appears to more

Terence Braverman has gone from pop singer with a band in the ’60’s to songwriter in the ’80’s and then a short story writer in the Naughties and then back to lyricist / songwriter in 2012. His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology Read more

Linda Brucesmith - Brisbane - Australia - BWLinda Brucesmith is the principal of Aqua Public Relations based in Brisbane, Australia. She has worked as a journalist in Sydney, Melbourne, and on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Her short fiction has been selected for publication in The Fiction Desk’s 2013 Ghost Story Anthology, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and Perilous Adventures Magazine, highly commended in the 2012 Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards and long-listed in the 2012/13 Fish Short Story Prize.…read more

Catherine ByfieldCatherine E. Byfieldwas born in Ohio, USA and moved permanently to the UK in 1978. She is a graduate of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, where she read Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. Her main scholarly interest is Medieval Welshdialogue literature. Her publications include a study of the Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi, and Welsh translations of the Ioca Monachorum (co-authored with Martha J. Bayless…read more

jane carmichaelJane Carmichael is a media officer for homelessness charity Emmaus UK, army wife and mum of two mischievous girls. She loves her work as it basically involves getting the gossip first and deciding who else to let in on the secret. Writing has always been an interest and the hope is that eventually ‘the book in her’ will make it onto the page. That is, once she finishes playing badminton, being walked by the crazy Jack Russell, moving house every five minutes, wiping more

sue deanSue Dean has been writing in her spare time since the age of eight. She has had a varied and interesting life and currently combines working full time running a small music publishing company with doing a part time MA in creative writing at the Anglia Ruskin University. She lives in a Breckland town on the Suffolk/Norfolk border and refuses to be drawn on how many cats or dogs she shares her life with.…read more 

abdulrahman photo black and whiteDr. Abdulrahman Dheyab is a London-based Iraqi journalist covering Middle Eastern and Western politics. He has an interest in cultural issues and very much believes in using culture as a soft power to build a bridge between the West and East.  Dheyab studied print journalism at Baghdad University in 1994. However, he did not work in journalism until the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. He was awarded a Doctoral Degree in Philosophy from City University in December 2011. It is from this research that his book: The Media in Occupied Iraq is mainly drawn.… read more

linden ford

Linden Ford was born in west London. After spending some years in Brussels and Paris, she returned to England, and currently lives in East Anglia. When in creative mode (which she would like to access more!), she alternates between writing, drawing, and painting (and trying to work out what her adopted cat wants for supper) more

Tim Futter was born and brought up in Cambridge living above a shoe repairer’s shop. He attended Cambridge Grammar School for boys. As a small child he accompanied his father more

anne garveyAnne Garvey is a journalist who has featured in the Guardian, The Times, and The Mail on Sunday. Magazines from the widely published glossy newsstand productions to small-scale niche publications remain a constant draw for her articles – most obscure title ‘Osama or Obama?’  was a comparison of their rhetoric, which appeared in The Linguist. Anne is a keen reviewer of jazz and classical music, plays and operas and once even hosted her own  show on the short lived Café Radio…read more

Robert Good works with image, text and installation to investigate why things are as they are, when, frankly, they could be a whole lot better.Good is a Master of Fine Art graduate from the Cambridge School of Art and is the 2011 winner of the Searle Award for Creativity. His book, “Words” was published in May 2012.  Please visit Good’s website for additional information…Read more

Jackie Hawkins is a Cambridge artist and writer.Her first career was in genetics but after a career break she has combined her lifelong interest in storytelling and the visual arts by studying for a BA in Illustration. Her aim is to make hand-made books illustrating her own poems and stories, and other texts on commission  read more

Simon Humphreys currently resides in Cape Town, running his own company and writing in his spare time. Having placed a novel in the “pending” tray, he turned his attention to short story competitions at the beginning of 2012. His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. Read more

Caroline Jaine is Askance’s founder and first published author – with her book A Better Basra about her time in Iraq which was published in July 2011. She is an accomplished journalist and blogger and is currently writing her first full length work of fiction, having previously published a short story under the name Jabez Cole.

Marcella Jackson was born in Nova Scotia but has spent most of her life in other provinces of Canada. She describes herself as a mother obsessed with laughter, a housewife obsessed with matching socks. Her short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. read more

Sharon Jarvis has recently returned to the UK after living in Africa. While in South Africa she took creative writing courses and had a children’s story entitled ‘The Great White Toothache’ published in a South African magazine. Her short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. ..Read more

Grace KeatingGrace Keating was born at the tail end of a large family in a small university town, Grace Keating has recently moved from city lights to rural Nova Scotia. When not working freelance in the world of theatre and film, she enjoys Scrabble, Sudoku, writing and photography. read more

hugh kellettHugh Kellett won the poetry prize at school and was delighted before learning he was the only entrant, but it set him on the road. He then studied languages at Oxford, where his plays and musicals were performed, and has been playing around with words in London advertising agencies most of his life. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, his short story themes tend towards the nostalgic and rueful, and probe human yearnings for self-fulfilment with their associated secret feelings of regret and failure…read more

maggie loescher

Margaret Madeline Loescher grew up in the mid-West of America, a place that she does not belong but about which she loves to write. She now lives, writes, tells stories and mothers in Cambridge, England.  Although she has always been a writer, she spent a handful of years making documentary films, teaching photography and film-making. She made the professional move from non-fictional moving image to fictionalized written story though her manuscript, Return to Paterson about the poet William Carlos Williams…Read more

Alex MacLeod

Alex MacLeod has enjoyed various careers throughout his life.  He’s been a teacher, rock and roll musician, lawyer, and has built outhouses at backcountry campsites in a national park.  Alex lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where is currently completing his first novel, The Tracksread more

Omar Majeed was born in Cheshire in 1984, and grew up in Herefordshire.  His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology.  He started writing seriously at sixth form, after a poem was prompted by an incident between a bumblebee and a lawnmower.  Since then read more

Thomas Edward Ogden was born, raised and currently resides in Great Torrington, Devon. His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology and won the Askance runner up prize in the 2012 writing competition. Read more…He studied Creative Writing at Bath Spa University for three years between 2008-11, primarily writing short-stories, read more

Dave Pescod Portait

Dave Pescod studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London but he has always written, starting with jokes for tv and radio. In 2006 he was awarded a mentor under a Royal Literary Fund scheme and began writing prose. Since then he has written short film scripts, a stage play and had short stories broadcast on BBC Radio 4. His stories have been published in Dreamcatcher, Transmission, Bridport Anthology, Grist and other magazines. He was awarded an Arts Council Award in 2010 to complete his first more 

Beth Reed has written short stories since she was five years old. She won third prize in the Women’s National Short Story Competition some years ago and was published in Women’s Own magazine. Her short story won first prize in the Askance 2012 writing competition and appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. read more


Zainab Thamer is a senior English language and literature student at the University of Bahrain. She has been writing since the age of nine and it has always been the thing that defines her personality….read more

janice profile bwJanice Wilkins is a UK based artist with an interest in how women are presented in the media.  Her muse – Catwoman – features amongst other pieces in her collaborative show not held at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in 2012.  The catalogue for the showMagazine:2012 was published by Askance. Janice has recently gained her Masters in Fine Arts. Read more

Rob Walton

Rob Walton has performed, written and taught in the North East for a number of years. His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. A graduate of Newcastle University’s Creative Writing MA, he has written gardening columns for the Hull Daily Mail, an online schools’. . read more

DJ WisemanDJ Wiseman has lived and worked in Oxfordshire since 1973, although he has recently spent more time in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, where he wrote his latest novel The Subtle Thief Of Youth. For the last 20 years he has had a passionate interest in genealogy, discovering branches of his family scattered around the globe. During that time he has been a regular visitor to the USA and Canada where he has close family connections as well as more distant cousins.  Read more

thomas wiseman

Tom Wiseman was born in Oxford, England. A writer, rapper, and English teacher he is passionate about travelling the world and sharing his experiences through the art of words. He currently lives and teaches in Mexico.

Vincent Wood is a Creative Writing graduate from the University of Greenwich, London.  His short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology and he has had short stories published by online magazine as well as winning a special commendation from   read more

SG Yates has written a novel for young adults, one for children, has a third novel in progress and a number of unfinished short stories that she hopes to finish soon. Her short story appears in Positional Vertigo – the Askance 2013 anthology. Read more . . . . Askance is currently working with writers from Pakistan, short story contributors from around the world, and several artists – once published their details will be shared here.

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