Haider Al Safi

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Dr Haider Al Safi is a London-based Iraqi journalist and media consultant covering middle eastern politics. He started working as a journalist in 2003 during the American invasion of Iraq and ran the office for The Independent newspaper in Baghdad.  Together with his colleagues he covered stories from all over Iraq exposing him to the dangers of war – he was caught in cross-fire, kidnapped and witnessed suicide attacks.

In 2005 Al Safi moved to London to study a Masters degree in International Journalism at City University and simultaneously worked as a freelance journalist for news organisations including ITV, Channel 4, APTN and the BBC. In 2009 he joined the BBC World Service as a broadcast journalist in the Arabic language department.

As a media consultant Al Safi has advised on a media training programme for fellow Iraqi journalists funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and trained members of the Iraqi Media Commission under a project funded by UNESCO.

In 2007 Al Safi embarked on PhD research exploring the American role in shaping the Iraqi press between 2003-2005. He was awarded a doctoral degree in philosophy from City University, London in October 2012.  His book “Iraqi Media: From Saddam’s Propaganda to American State-Building”  draws from his thesis and was published by Askance Publishing in April 2013.


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