Omar Majeed

Omar Majeed was born in Cheshire in 1984, and grew up in Herefordshire.  He started writing seriously at sixth form, after a poem was prompted by an incident between a bumblebee and a lawnmower.  Since then he has been documenting the minutia of everyday life in biro scrawls, and writing reflective poetry in notebooks.  When he was seventeen he drafted a first novel, which he threw into a dustbin in Prague after one too many absinthes.  He won the Foyle Young Poet of the Year in 2002 with his poem Four Vomits, a true story about a fit of peculiarly physical existential nausea in his front garden.  His most recent competition success was in the 2010 Kingston Readers’ Fair competition for his poem Duet.  Despite having been writing in the form for a comparable length of time, he has only just started entering Short Story competitions.  He is currently rewriting that first lost novel, which appeared after an old laptop was miraculously brought back from the dead.  Omar is soon to be starting his MA in English Literature at Durham after a long and winding educational career that includes a foundation degree in photography and a BA in Graphic Design.  He believes that the purpose of writing is to confront the human condition, and our relationship to this world we have found ourselves in.  He also suspects that is impossible to write about anything else.

Askance are delighted to include d. 11/22/1963 as part of the Positional Vertigo short story collection.