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Homes cover draft for websiteWHAT: Launch & art exhibition for a collection of short stories

WHEN:  Sunday 3rd November at 2pm

WHERE:  Emmaus Cambridge, Green End,
CB25 9FD

WHY: To raise money for Emmaus, to celebrate the art and writing of the mainly Cambridge-based contributors

SUPPORTED BY: Fine & Country Estate Agents, who funded the writing prize. Cambridge School of Art, who funded the art prize (for front cover design)

ABOUT THE BOOK: Nineteen authors from six countries provide a collection of unique stories, each responding to the theme of home. For some, home is a spiritual or emotional space, even an imagined one. For some it is a physical place – a crumbling building, the ocean, a bedroom or a neighbour’s house. Many of the stories also relate to homelessness in one way or another – perhaps in part in response to the publisher’s charity of the year, Emmaus Cambridge.  Included are all the selected finalists from the 2013 Askance short story competition.  Available to pre-order now. 

You are invited to attend 

If you would like a copy of the book to review, please contact us


Emmaus Cambridge

Askance Publishing

Cambridge International Arts

Fine & Country

Cambridge School of Art

Last year’s published anthology


Emmaus Cambridge – “We are delighted to have been chosen to benefit from this year’s projects.  So many people who have been homeless express their stories creatively so it is exciting for us to be supported by the creativity of others.  We hope that the general public will get on board and are delighted to be supported by Fine and Country and the Cambridge School of Art.  We are very much looking forward to seeing and selling the finished anthology.”  

Caroline Jaine, Askance – “Last year we published a fantastic collection of short stories and had great support from the local community and from Waterstones bookshop who held a special event for us.  This year the inclusion of an arts competition run by Cambridge International Arts has doubled the public participation in the final book. We are very excited by the launch of “Homes” and thank everyone who has been involved in it’s making. We delighted to be able to bridge the arts, education, business and charity sectors for this competition.  It is exactly what Askance is all about”

Mike Bidwell, Fine & Country – “Fine & Country is committed to supporting homeless charities in association with the Estate Agency Foundation which is dedicated to helping eliminate the causes of homelessness.  We are very proud to be associated with Emmaus” –

Chris Owen, Head of Department Cambridge School of Art –  “At Cambridge School of Art, we want to encourage all students to engage in activities which support the local community as well as contributing to their artistic development. This book competition is exactly the kind of project which we urge our students to take part in.  It is a challenging brief, in aid of a very good cause”  


FINAL COVER IRAQI MEDIA 2403This insight into pre and post Saddam Iraqi media will be launched with a seminar at the Palace of Westminster on 1st May 2013 – to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech.

Written by an Iraqi journalist who was on the ground at the time, Iraqi Media: Saddam’s Propaganda and American State-Building offers a fascinating chronological juxtaposition of dictatorship and occupation.  This thorough, academic study of Iraqi media pre and post Saddam also has its “shock and awe” moments.   Saddam Hussein’s persecution of the journalist tallies with the popular narrative on his reign, but the fact that Uday Hussein’s paranoid actions may have been perversely good for Iraqi journalists is a new story.  Anti-war activists are no stranger to the fact that the US spent a lot of money on the Iraq, but Al-Safi reveals a far darker, deeper take: the millions spent prior to the invasion to support the exiled opposition; the cronyism involved in awarding private contracts; and the $200 million spent between 2003-2005 – representing the largest ever attempt by any country to build a “free” media. Al-Safi asks loudly, “to what extent should foreigners intervene in post-conflict society to build media space?”

If you would like to review a copy of Iraqi media, would like to attend the launch or would like to interview Dr Al-Safi please contact Caroline Jaine on or call 07549929931. Click here for reviews and more about the book, Click here for more about Dr Al Safi


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