Craig Whyte

Living in Australia at the time of the 2015 Askance short story competition, Craig Whyte returned in 2016 to his native Scotland where he now lives in Dunblane with his Australian wife and two teenage sons. Working as a project manager on a heritage project on Scotland’s Atlantic coast, he writes whenever he can, drawing inspiration from the history-steeped landscapes around him. Hills, lochs and sea feature prominently in Craig’s life, both for work and for pleasure – he is a keen hillwalker, cyclist, kayaker and wildlife watcher – and his passions for land and nature are reflected in his writing. Current writing projects include two historical novels, while among previous projects are a number of published or shortlisted short stories. In each case, the setting is the foundation, an approach that allows Craig to re-visit special places (in real life or reverie), teasing out the detail, the nuance, the stories of what might have been. Hence he encourages you to accompany him on journeys to lesser-known parts of Australia, Canada, as well as to the four corners of Scotland. In the case of The Horse Trader, it’s the Solway Firth, where he spent 18 months living and breathing the saltmarsh air while working for a major nature conservation charity.