Past Events

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In January 2014 we launched Through Lenses: The Romsey Art Festival together with Cambridge International Arts at the Cambridge Art Salon.

On Sunday 3 November 2013 Askance launched it’s 2014 short story anthology “Homes” at Emmaus Cambridge. There was also an art exhibition of finalists in the cover design competition.

Author DJ Wiseman made a return visit to Waterstones in Bedford on Saturday May 25th with both his latest crime novel The Subtle Thief of Youth and his debut title A Habit of Dying.

The official launch of Dr Al-Safi’s book and panel discussion on the Iraqi Media  at 11.30am  at the Palace of Westminster in May 2013 and on Saturday 7th September at 6.30 pm The Iraqi Cultural Centre in London is hosted an event on Iraqi Media to mark the publication

Signing events for The Subtle Thief of Youth by DJ Wiseman at Waterstones bookshops in Cirencester, Witney, Oxford, Cambridge, Bishop’s Stortford, St Neots, Bedford, 2012-13.

Radio interviews with Caroline Jaine and David Wiseman on 105FM and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

The launch of The Subtle Thief of Youth by DJ Wiseman at The Hopbine in Cambridge, November 2012.

The first chapter of The Subtle Thief of Youth is handed out to rail commuters  by DJ Wiseman, October 2012

The launch of Positional Vertigo at The Hopbine in Cambridge, October 2012

The official launch of A Better Basra by Caroline Jaine at the House of Lords in 2011.

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  1. Hello! I’m an aspiring author and was wondering what it takes to get writing looked over by you guys, I found your page while looking for writing competitions and felt that due to the fact that you aren’t a huge publisher that maybe you could find the time to check out my latest story I’ve been working on.

    Sincerely and with the very best of wishes,

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