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Please use the contact page if you have any queries. Please note that buying directly from Askance is done via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use your credit or debit card securely as you would with any other trusted online purchase.

Words. Words words Words: Words Words Words words Words is the most recent work by British artist Robert Good. Read more
TITLE: Words. Words words Words: Words Words Words words Words   AUTHOR: Robert Good    ISBN: 978-1-909009-01-1
PRICE: UK £13.50 (+£1.50 p&p)  Order now direct from Askance – In Stock
FORMATS: Softback / Print File Download e-book / Kindle

THE PACK is a limited edition pack of playing cards featuring hand painted web-sourced images of individuals and groups that were somehow part of something much bigger…..Read more  

PRICE: UK £25 (+£1.90 p&p) only 50 available
FORMAT: Print.  Accompanying booklet also available as a free download 

Magazine:2012 – a catalogue for an exhibition which was to be the first ever not held at the new Serpentine Sackler Building in London 2012.  Read more . . .
TITLE: Magazine: 2012  AUTHORS: Janice Wilkins & Caroline Jaine  ISBN: 9781909009028
PRICE: UK £19.99   AVAILABLE FORMAT: Free PDF available now

In 2012 Caroline Jaine’s peice “5 Migrants” was shortlisted for the Searle Award.  Read more . . .
TITLE:  Getting There – Five Migrant Journeys   AUTHOR: Caroline Jaine   ISBNS: 978-1-909009-03-5 (hardback) 978-1-909009-04-2 (softback)
PRICE: (hardback) UK £45 (+£4.50p&p) Buy direct from Askance – In Stock
PRICE: (softback) UK £9.99 (+£1.50p&p) Buy direct from Askance – In Stock
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Hardback and softback print only

Palmy Days – Sri Lanka’s Children in Photographs was published in Sri Lanka in 2003.  A moving collection of photographs by Gareth Alcott, Lauren Barker & Caroline Botha Read more . . .
TITLE:  Palmy Days   PUBLISHED BY : Caroline Botha
ISBN: 978-9559816508
PRICE: UK £15.00 (HARDBACK) Direct from Askance . (+ £1.50 p&p)

The Art of Participation is a quirky essay curated by British artist and film-maker, Caroline Jaine via the “throng” website  ( Read more . . .
TITLE:  Throng: The Art of Participation   AUTHOR:  Caroline Jaine
PRICE:  UK £5 Order direct from Askance (+£1.50 p&p)
FORMAT:  Print , Free Download


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