Tasked with putting on an exhibition, artists Janice Wilkins & Caroline Jaine decided to do exactly not that.  Intrigued by the number of visitors to gallery websites vs the number of visitors to galleries, and inspired by the work of 1960 conceptual artist Seth Seigelaub, the two artists collaborated in making Magazine:2012 – a catalogue for an exhibition which was to be the first ever not held at the new Serpentine Sackler Building in London 2012.  Wilkins and Jaine showcase their politically engaged collection, which explores the defacement of icons (and Theresa May), distortion of the female form, the increase in power of the individual and shopping.  For more information and access to a free PDF download please visit the Magazine on Caroline Jaine’s pages.

TITLE: Magazine: 2012
AUTHORS: Janice Wilkins & Caroline Jaine
ISBN: 9781909009028


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