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Homes cover draft for websiteHomes is the collection of short stories which made up the shortlist in the Askance 2013 Short Story Competition. Read more…

TITLE: Homes
AUTHORS:  Various
EDITOR: DJ Wiseman
ISBN: 978-1-909009-15-8
PRICE: After publication: UK £10.00 (+£2.20 UK p&p)
PRINT FORMAT PRE ORDER! UK £8.00 (+£2.20 UK p&p) Buy now – click here for UK orders Outside the UK £8.00 (+£4.50 airmail p&p) Buy now -click here for non-UK orders.

The Subtle Thief of YouthThe aftermath of an English summer storm reveals a grotesque secret that had been held for yearsRead more . . .
TITLE:  The Subtle Thief of Youth
AUTHOR: DJ Wiseman
ISBN: 978-1-909009-06-6
PRICE: £10.00 (+£1.90 p&p)


A Habit Of Dying is the compelling story of Lydia Silverstream and her attempts to reunite a family heirloom with its rightful owner. Read more
TITLE: A Habit Of Dying
AUTHOR: DJ Wiseman
ISBN: 978-1-909009-00-4
PRICE: UK £8.99 (+1.50p&p) Order now direct from Askance
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Softback, Kindle and Kobo


Positional VertigoPositional Vertigo is the collection of short stories which made up the shortlist in the Askance 2012 Short Story Competition. Read more . . .
TITLE: Positional Vertigo   AUTHORS: From the UK, South Africa and Canada
ISBN 978-1-909009-05-9
PRICE: UK £10.00 (+£1.90 p&p)
FORMAT: Softback print only until later in 2012 when Kindle and eBook versions will be available.


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