“Askance published a short story I wrote that is very close to my heart. It is the first short story I have had published and because of this they will always occupy a special place in my personal writing story. Their competition inspired me to finish the story that I’d been sitting on for years. Sometime you need something like that [a competition] to get you finished and Askance’s 2012 theme of Health fitted me perfectly. The fact that I also won runner up prize was an added bonus.Thank you Askance. Keep seeking out the new and usually unseen” SG Yates, author

“I have found Askance to be a very helpful and innovative Publishing Company, offering a refreshing alternative for aspiring writers, in an industry which is in dire need of refreshing alternatives. Theirs is a selfless journey, undertaken with courage and conviction. Long may it continue” –  Simon Humphreys, author

“I was first interested in Askance because it seemd to offer a less threatening and impersonal approach to creativity and publishing. This is true; Askance offers a more intimate experience for artists and writers. But, what is also true is that Askance offers a co-operative, committed and professional service which is both reassuring and satisfying” Beth Reed, author, academic and winner of Askance Short Story Competition 2012

“Working with Askance as a writer and editor has been a pleasure and an education: a pleasure to engage with a publisher open to ideas, who sets high standards and is financially aware without the overriding commercial imperative; an education to be part of adventurous new projects and unique community engagement” – DJ Wiseman, editor & author

“I have been really impressed with the way Askance is breaking new ground in the field of creative writing and publishing. They show openness, enthusiasm and entrepreneurialism, all wrapped up in a programme of social responsibility that is very real, and a far cry from the  corporate “window dressing” that we see so often from other less engaged operations” – Hugh Kellett, author

“Askance were the first publishers to print my work and for that I will be eternally grateful for their faith and the honesty and candidness in which they appraised my piece” – Vincent Wood, author


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