Askance Publishing

A different way of looking at the world

Askance was first established in Cambridge, UK in 2011, although now our interest is international, with contributing authors from many countries and editorial input from Canada and the UK. Askance has published more than a dozen titles in multiple formats, including some best-selling fiction and widely respected non-fiction.

Starting early in 2021 we made some of our titles available in print form on Amazon. Our ebooks have been on the Kindle and other ebook platforms for many years but by using Amazon for print too we’re hoping that the improved world-wide availability will lead to a wider audience for all our writers.

Saltwater and other stories cover image

One of the first titles to be produced this way was our wonderful short story anthology, a project we’re very excited about as it’s been a few years now since Homes, our last collection in print.

Saltwater and other stories features twelve of the great stories we’ve had submitted to our various competitions over the years. It’s available now, world-wide through Amazon.

Another innovation in 2022 was to make our titles (most of them!) available through The Great British Bookshop. They have excellent distribution through the wholesale trade and an online retail presence.

Equally exciting for 2023 is our first publication in Canada, a new venture for Askance and a new style of publication – a poetry collection. All under wraps for the moment – watch this space! Another project under discussion is a collection of very short stories from a widely admired writer – translated from Spanish. Never a dull moment at Askance.

At the time of writing we have are still planning our publications for 2023 and could have room for your work, so get those manuscripts cleaned up and let us have a look. It’ll cost you nothing and we’ll give an honest answer.