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Askance is a small publishing house established in 2011 to plug the gap between traditional publishers (who often lack communication, are slow to process and fixated on mainstream best-sellers) and vanity publishers (who print anything and charge more than they need to).

Askance wanted to take advantage of print-on-demand and e-book technology and offer writers something better. Namely:-

  • A publishing house that focuses on quality and is selective, but doesn’t disregard authors who are not quite ready to be published – instead offers them developmental guidance
  • An affordable way to see a book in print.
  • Support for authors who sell in volume, but also for other works of art and writing that “deserves to be read”.
  • To support arts events and offer a full range of publishing services, including launches.
  • To promote literacy and charities with community programmes and competitions

Please contact us via the contact page or visit our author pages for more information.


1 thought on “Home”

  1. It’s great to see new energy and publishing ideas in this fair city of Cambridge – congratulations and good luck!

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