Looking For Tigers

You  might be fooled into thinking these are animal stories – and it’s true they do feature baboons, crocodiles, angry elephants, hornets and cobras. But this is not a book about a search for big cats.

And although the stories take us to Sri Lanka – a glorious tropical island full of howling ghosts – and to Pakistan and Iraq and Israel and New York, this is not a catalogue of war stories, nor is it a travel guide.

Caroline never describes herself as a tourist – except perhaps in New York where she gets held up at knifepoint for a dollar. Although the context of these stories may span the globe, they are much more about love, loss and laughter than about going places. Caroline’s wonderfully described curious places are more a state of mind, an openness of being.

Looking For Tigers and other tales from curious places is available in print form now. It can be ordered directly from our partners at The Great British Book Shop for delivery worldwide. It is also available on Kindle.

TITLE: Looking For Tigers and other tales from curious places
AUTHOR: Caroline Jaine
ISBN: 978-1-909009-36-3

From her introduction to Looking For Tigers, Myra Fournier writes

“Whether for work, leisure or rejuvenation, Caroline immerses herself, and, thus the reader, in the culture of wherever she happens to be. She is never a tourist just observing the way of life around her, she jumps right into every new living situation, befriending locals, stumbling through language, cooking the cuisine and trying to make a difference. Through all her stories Caroline teaches us that we are all connected and that humanity is good. We just need to be open to new experiences.”