Guidance for Writers

Askance works differently from traditional publishers. We specialise in Print on Demand (PoD) and e-books (including Kindle) – as we believe this is where the market is going and that this offers talented authors the best chance to both develop and share their work.

Askance accepts manuscripts that fit into a broad scope of “a different way of looking at the world” and includes unusual stories, quirky travel-writing, contemporary thought, and creative art books or poetry. Askance welcomes essays and short pieces as well as full-length manuscripts. Askance consults with authors with regard to layout, but retains overall control of all design, style, size and layout decisions.

If you would like to be considered for publication by Askance in the first instance please send a synopsis of your work in the body of an email no longer than 300 words to askance (dot)   publishing (at)  gmail(dot)com . We will acknowledge receipt of your email and try to respond within two weeks. Please do not send full manuscripts by post or email unless specifically asked to do so.

If, after receiving the synopsis of your work, we are interested in seeing a full manuscript we will contact you. We may also ask further questions about you and your writing, such as: what time and energy you will contribute to marketing your work, whether you have a timescale in mind, and your writing background and experience? When we see your writing we may suggest additional ideas for development, which you may be asked to undertake prior to publication. Please note we do not offer a free proof-reading or editing service and as of 2014 we are operating on a full cost-recovery basis, which can involve charges to some authors, but is balanced by a higher than usual royalty rate.

If you would like to know more please contact us.


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