Guidance for Writers

Askance specialises in producing Print on Demand (PoD) and e-books (including Kindle) – as we believe these formats offer talented authors the best chance to both develop and share their work. It also limits the investment in boxes of unsold books. If a title is successful a longer print run can still be produced to gain the economies offered.

We are looking for high quality, full length fiction – but not fan-fiction, children’s stories or historical romance. And not pornography. Otherwise we’re open to suggestions, but the quality of the writing is paramount. If you would like to be considered for publication please send a synopsis of your work using the form below. The synopsis should be no more than 500 words. We will acknowledge receipt and try to respond within two weeks. Please do not send full manuscripts unless specifically asked to do so.

If, after receiving the synopsis of your work, we are interested in seeing a full or partial manuscript we will contact you. We may also ask further questions about you and your writing, such as: what time and energy you will contribute to marketing your work, whether you have a timescale in mind, and your writing background and experience.

When we see your writing we may suggest additional ideas for development, which you may be asked to undertake prior to any offer for publication. If we offer to publish your work we will design the book or e-book, edit your text in partnership with you and create the finished product.

Royalties. Yes, we pay royalties – based on sales, not on hoped-for sales. The rate varies according to the author and the nature of the work.

We also offer an editing and proofing service for writers, which are services for which we make a charge. If we have agreed to publish your work these services are part of the publishing process and no charge is made.

If you would like to know more please contact us. Use the form below to send us a synopsis of your novel.


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