About Us

A different way of looking at the world

Askance was first established in Cambridge, UK in 2011, although now our interest is international, with contributing authors from many countries and editorial input from Canada and the UK. Askance has published more than a dozen titles in multiple formats, including some best-selling fiction and widely respected non-fiction.
We are always on the lookout for new fiction and may reintroduce our short story competition in 2022.
If you have a manuscript waiting to be assessed, take a look at our guidance for writers page. To be an Askance author you need a good story well told, plus the time and energy to give it a chance of reaching a wider audience. We are not a ‘vanity publisher’, neither do we have a big budget for promotion.

In 2021 some of our titles became available in printed form on Amazon, so look out for them. Otherwise all our titles are produced by print-on-demand after the initial print run and are available world-wide directly from Askance or by ordering in any UK bookshop. If you have any difficulties obtaining a title please contact us directly.

All our in-print titles are available to order right here, while the e-book versions can be ordered by clicking through the links or by searching your favourite e-bookstore.