DJ Wiseman

DJ Wiseman has lived and worked in Oxfordshire since 1973. For the last 20 years he has had a passionate interest in genealogy, discovering branches of his family scattered around the globe. During that time he has been a regular visitor to the USA and Canada where he has close family connections as well as more distant cousins. His family researches have taken him as far as Vancouver to find his grandfather’s ‘other’ family – and he has written about his experiences for a national magazine. Lifelong interests include maps, reading, writing, travel and photography. In 2009 in conjunction with a close friend he produced The Further Bank, a memoir of photographic expeditions around the landscape of the upper Thames.  A Habit Of Dying was his first published full length novel, and will be followed in October 2012 by The Subtle Thief Of Youth – another mystery story but quite unconnected to the themes of A Habit Of Dying. In 2016 he returned to the themes in A Habit Of Dying with Lydia Silverstream and her adventures in family history with his third novel, The Death of Tommy Quick And Other LiesDJ Wiseman also edited and contributed to the Askance short story anthology Positional Vertigo published in October 2012.

Further information, including other writing and outlines of family history, may be found on the author’s own web site.

tommy quick cover with border The Subtle Thief of Youth A Habit Of Dying