A Habit Of Dying

A Habit Of Dying is the compelling story of Lydia Silverstream and her attempts to reunite a family heirloom with its rightful owner. Amongst the box of old photo albums she discovers a sinister journal, both the key to one puzzle and an enigma in itself.

Askance is delighted to have published the second edition of A Habit Of Dying which may be ordered directly here. It is also available via your local bookshop by quoting the details below.

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Buying directly from Askance is done via The Great British Bookshop, you can use your credit or debit card as you would with any other secure online purchase.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: 2nd edition – print direct from Askance and on Kindle from Amazon UK and all other Kindle stores. Also available in other eBook formats including Kobo, eReader etc.

TITLE: A Habit Of Dying

AUTHOR: DJ Wiseman

ISBN: 978-1-909009-00-4

Readers write . . .

“Loved the book. The only downside is that I didn’t want it to end.” – Jackie P.
“What an excellent book. I haven’t been able to stop reading until I found out what happened.” – Eleanor R.
“Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope there will be more” – Julie K. “Well written, enjoyable read and I wish you all the best of luck with it.” –Denna H.
“Couldn’t put it down. I could feel the emotion Lydia felt and actually wanted to be helping her search.” – Amanda M.
“A pleasure to read – everything that you promised when we met in Waterstones on Saturday. Also extremely poignant. When’s your next?” –Richard P.
“I read the first 10 pages and was totally engaged” – Anne D.
“It’s so beautifully written I think it deserves a very serious literary prize.” – Graham N.

Press Reviews

Combining genealogy and crime fiction may not seem like the obvious marriage, yet DJ Wiseman manages to pull it off. The result is an intriguing and enjoyable read . . . a well-crafted exposition of the process of discovering family history but also a glimpse into Lydia’s psychological journey. – Oxford Journal

A Habit of Dying is a well-written, well-paced piece of puzzle solving that will please family history buffs and fans of old-fashioned detective stories alike. – Helen Ward – Daily Info


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