Homes cover draft for websiteNineteen authors from six countries provide a collection of unique stories, each responding to the theme of home. For some, home is a spiritual or emotional space, even an imagined one. For some it is a physical place – a crumbling building, the ocean, a bedroom or a neighbour’s house. Many of the stories also relate to homelessness in one way or another – perhaps in part in response to the publisher’s charity of that year, Emmaus Cambridge.  Included are all the selected finalists from the 2013 Askance short story competition.

TITLE: Homes

AUTHORS:  Phil Arnold, Hugh Kellett, Jane Carmichael, Jackie Hawkins, Catherine E. Byfield, MV BlakeSimon Humphreys, Sue Dean, Margaret Madeline Loescher, Hannah Constance, Linden Ford, Tom Wiseman, Zainab Thamer, Anne Garvey, Dave PescodTim Futter, Alex Ayling, Linda Brucesmith

EDITOR: DJ Wiseman ISBN: 978-1-909009-15-8

PRICE: UK £10.00 (+£3.50 UK p&p) Buy now – click here for UK orders Outside the UK £10.00 (+£8.50 airmail p&p) Buy now -click here for non-UK orders.

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AVAILABLE FORMAT: Softback print

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