Dr Najat Al Saied

najwa photo 2 croppedDr Najat Al Saied is an Independent Researcher at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is  also a columnist in both Al Ittihad (an Arabic language daily newspaper in the United Arab Emirates) and in Al Hurra (an American satellite television news channel in Arabic). She specializes in political and social development communication geared to the modern and tolerant Middle East.

From 2014-2018 she worked at Zayed University in Dubai, UAE,  as an Assistant Professor in the College of Communication and Media Sciences. But all her experience throughout the past 20 years has been in media institutes, development organizations and the diplomatic sector.

Dr Al Saied is the author of Screens of influence: Arab Satellite Television and Social Development published by Askance. She also contributed chapters to Arab Media Moguls and Handbook on Arab Media. Her book about Arabian Gulf Twitter Diplomacy will be published soon in the ECSSR. Dr Al Saied has contributed articles to the Gatestone Institute, Washington Post, Gulf News, Al Arabiya English website and others.

Dr Al Saied earned her Ph.D. in media studies at the University of Westminster in London-UK with her thesis: Privately-Owned Arab Satellite Television and their Reception among Disadvantaged Women. She holds two Masters Degrees in Health Promotion Disease Prevention and Computer Information Systems from the American University in Washington DC.

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