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Dr Al-Safi describes the transformation of the Iraqi media as “a plethora of political, ethnic, tribal and sectarian mouthpieces”…..Read more

FINAL COVER IRAQI MEDIA 2403TITLE:  Iraqi Media: From Saddam’s Propaganda to American State-Building
Dr Haider Al-Safi
978-1-909009-13-4 (DUE 1ST MAY 2013)
Published price £37 – currently available as as pre-order at  £18.50 (50% discount) 
FORMAT: Softback


In July 2006 British Diplomat Caroline Jaine volunteered to work in Iraq. As a mother of three . . . Read more
TITLE:  A Better Basra: Searching for Strategy and Sanity in Iraq
AUTHOR: Caroline Jaine
ISBN: 978-1-4477-1487-3
PRICE: UK £7.99 (+1.50p&p)  Direct from Askance – signed by the author – In Stock
FORMAT: Softback



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