Positional Vertigo

Positional Vertigo

A collection of very different stories from writers spanning three continents – this anthology is moving, disturbing and daring in equal measures.
Writing in very broad interpretations on the theme of health, the stories take us on a journey through many minds and many places. Expect a book that transports you to hospital beds, health food shops, the Nova Scotian countryside, and damp English woodland – all delivered with an unusual and uncanny intensity.  Included in the book are the selected finalists in the 2012 competition which attracted entries from around the world.

£2.60 CND$4.25

TITLE: Positional Vertigo
AUTHORS: Terence Braverman, Jabez Cole, Robert Good, Jackie Hawkins, Simon Humphreys, Marcella Jackson, Sharon Jarvis, Grace Keating, Alex MacLeod, Omar Majeed, Thomas Edward Ogden, Beth Reed, Rob Walton, DJ Wiseman, Vincent Wood, SG Yates
EDITOR: DJ Wiseman
ISBN: 978-1-909009-05-9
PRICE: UK £10.00 (+£3.50 UK p&p) Buy now – available direct from Askance
PAYMENT: Buying directly from Askance is done via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use your credit or debit card as you would with any other online purchase.
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Softback print (and Amazon Kindle – UK here, .com here and .ca here )
OVERSEAS BUYERS: Europe (other than UK), Canada, USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand order now £10.00 + £8.50 airmail p&p.
Please note: for 5 or more copies delivered to the same address click here.

8 thoughts on “Positional Vertigo

  1. I would like to order a copy but am wondering how and when you would ship. I am leaving on an extended trip Nov 15/12 until April 01/13. Would it be best to wait until my return? Thanks Trish Keating

    1. Hi Fiona, The collection is quite dark in places – but there are some uplifting and moving stories. I am not sure a hospice setting “wouldn’t” be a place for it. I guess it would be down to how the individual feels.

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